Women, Peace and Security

Women, Peace and Security is an international agenda that has developed from the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which highlighted the gendered impacts of conflict and also emphasised that women's participation is critical for sustainable peace building. NIWEP contributed to introducing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 to Northern Ireland and one . In 2020, the Resolution marks its 20th anniversary and this will be a core area of work for NIWEP. 

Join us to hear Mrs Mary Robinson and highlight women's role in peace building#

Virtual event Wednesday 14 October, 2pm-4.30pm

Women can't wait! Marking 20 years of learning and practice on women, peace and security

Keynote speaker Mrs Mary Robinson, Adjunct Professor of Climate Justice, Trinity College Dublin;  Chair of The Elders; Former President of Ireland

Women in Northern Ireland have a long history of peace building, but that role has not necessarily been recognised. In October 2000, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 was a landmark achievement, as it formally recognised for the first time the crucial role women play in sustainable peace building. Since then, UNSCR 1325 has made it possible to keep a spotlight on gender in peace building and underpinned a global women, peace and security agenda. In Northern Ireland, UNSCR 1325 has helped highlight women's role in public life and women's perspective on peace building, although much more remains to be done.

This virtual celebration marks the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 with a look back on the experiences of women in Northern Ireland on peacebuilding, and a look forward on how UNSCR 1325 can play a part in building a future Northern Ireland. It will specifically look at how UNSCR 1325 can be part of the response to major challenges women are facing now and over the next 20 years, and how work on women, peace and security can be revitalised in ways that engage women.

This event is organised in partnership with the Northern Ireland Assembly All Party Group on UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Security. 

Speakers (full list tbc): 

Bronagh Hinds, Democrashe
Eileen Weir, Shankill Women's Centre
Anne Carr, Dialogue Practitioner with Community Dialogue; The Peace Process According to Women project, WINI
Emma Johnston, YouthAction


How to take part

Register here and join the discussion! Details of how to join will be sent to participants before the event. 


All Party Group on UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Security

NIWEP provides the secretariat for the Northern Ireland Assembly All Party Group on UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Security. The purpose of the APG is to raise awareness of the lack of participation of women in political and public life in areas outlined in UNSCR 1325 and it has cross party membership. 

In 2014, the APG in collaboration with the Westminster All Party Political Group (APPG) on Women, Peace and Security undertook an Inquiry into the implementation of the principles of UNSCR 1325 in Northern Ireland. NIWEP supported the administration of the Inquiry and published the final report, which highlighted a wide ranging series of recommendations for action, and contributed to raising awareness of the issues. A toolkit on addressing the issues was subsequently produced by the women's sector in Northern Ireland.