UN mechanisms webinar series

UN mechanisms webinar series winter 2022


Making UN mechanisms work for women locally

Thursday 20 January, 1-2pm via Zoom


What can UN human rights treaties do for women and girls? How does that matter in Northern Ireland, and can it make a difference? 

Join us to see how UN mechanisms can help achieve gender equality in Northern Ireland! 

UN treaties set a clear policy agenda and direction for the rights of women and girls worldwide. The UN also monitors member states for progress. This session aims to give an insight into how international mechanisms influence policy in the UK, and how they can support advocacy for gender equality and rights. We will look in particular at at CEDAW, the international women’s ‘Bill of Rights’, as the core framework for women's rights, which has impacted on a number of policies across the UK.There will be space for questions and discussion to highlight why and how these mechanisms matter to women and girls in Northern Ireland. We will introduce CEDAW as well, so no specific expertise in this area is required.Register here!