Join us at the Countdown to Gender Equality Forum Paris!

What do women across the world want and need for a peaceful future? How can we build a shared movement to create that future?


Join us to countdown to Gender Equality Forum Paris and share views and learning!

Across the world, women want to see progress on peace and security. Women want a genuine role as leaders, safe everyday lives and the right for all women and girls to shape their own lives. This event looks at what peace means to women in post conflict regions, with a specific emphasis on exploring how similar themes feature in different contexts and cultural structures. It will also look at how sharing information and learning, and collaboration across regions can help build a women, peace and security agenda for the 2020s. 

The event will highlight perspectives from post conflict regions including Northern Ireland, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and give participants an opportunity to share their perspectives on the priorities women share across the world. It is designed to contribute to the development of the new Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action, to support intercultural and intergenerational learning, and also to galvanise stakeholders to action for a peaceful future.

Register here for this event, which will be held in English.

Generation Equality Forum Paris

The Paris Forum will focus on launching the Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality, announce concrete commitments by governments, business and civil society and strengthen intergenerational, multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance gender equality over the next five years.

Registration is open to all and is available here, until 27 June. The Forum takes place virtually 30 June-2 July, with some in person events in Paris streamed through the Forum platform. It follows the Generation Equality Forum Mexico held in March, which launched blueprints for action on six priority themes for gender equality. 
The Generation Equality Forum is intended to mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration for Action, and accelerate action on key areas of gender equality. Governments and civil society act as co leads for six Action Coalitions, which have led the development of core aims and outcomes, under which stakeholders across the world are currently making commitments for action. The Global Acceleration Plan builds on these commitments, and acts alongside existing commitments.