NIWEP CEDAW Consultation 2017 -2018


The UK Government will be examined by the CEDAW Committee in February 2019.  NIWEP will submit a shadow report to this examination, providing evidence on gender equality and the reality of women's lives in Northern Ireland. A 'list of issues' submission, responding to a report submitted by the UK government to the CEDAW Committee, has been made as a starting point and is available below. 

NIWEP, in collaboration with our members, is engaging over the summer and autumn with local women to gather evidence for the shadow report. There will be opportunities to contribute through meetings and workshops, but evidence can also be shared by contacting us directly. In addition to your views on what progress has been made by the Northern Ireland Executive and the UK Government in relation to the Committee’s concluding observations, we would also welcome your views on other issues which you feel the Committee should be made aware of. A form to assist with this will be made available in the next couple of weeks, and will cover each article of the CEDAW Convention. You can submit evidence on all or some of the articles. Where possible please provide evidence to support your comments (including reference to evaluations, statistics, research, consultations). 

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