Collaboration in the UK and Europe

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is the central umbrella network for women's organisations across Europe. NIWEP was originally established in 1988 to act as the Northern Ireland coordination to EWL and one of our core roles is to act as a link between the women's sector in Northern Ireland and national, European and international networks. NIWEP works with members and partners to gather evidence and experiences of women in Northern Ireland and shares information from EWL locally. NIWEP also participates in sub networks of the European Women’s Lobby, as a representative of the UK Joint Committee on Women.

The UK Joint Committee on Women (UKJCW) acts as the overall UK member of EWL. The alliance consists of four co equal members from each of the devolved administrations, which are Engender in Scotland, WEN Wales in Wales and NAWO (National Alliance of Women's Organisations) in England.  NIWEP also works with our sister organisation in Ireland, the National Women's Council of Ireland. The role of UKJCW is to share information, experience and expertise on legislation, policy and initiatives relevant to gender equality across the UK, and to work together to provide a strong civil society voice for gender equality across the UK. Recent areas of work have included the implications of Brexit on women and exploring future ways of working with sister organisations in Europe. In 2019, EWL changed its statutes in 2019 to enable the UK to remain a member after Brexit. 

The work of EWL has in recent years focused on influencing legislation and policy at the level of the European Parliament and European Commission. The publications below highlight examples of work NIWEP has contributed to at the European level over the years.