Capacity building and advocacy

A key role for NIWEP in Northern Ireland is capacity building and advocacy, including contributing to policy making processes on gender equality. In 2019, building on the CEDAW shadow reporting process, NIWEP organised a capacity building programme on using CEDAW for advocacy for gender equality. This programme, which was funded through the Reconciliation Fund managed by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, was very well received and highlighted the need for capacity building on international human rights instruments. It also forms part of a developing training portfolio for members and partners. The programme concluded in a major conference in January 2020, which featured CEDAW Committee vice chair Nicole Ameline as keynote speakers and highlighted key next steps including action and advocacy required to ensure the 2019 CEDAW Concluding Observations are implemented and gender equality in Northern Ireland strengthened. 

NIWEP also participates in local networks related to policy making and advocacy for gender equality, including the Women's Policy Group, NI Women's Budget Group and Reclaim the Agenda. Our role focuses on sharing learning from international networks and highlighting CEDAW as well as other international human rights instruments to inform and support local approaches.