The core objective of Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (NIWEP) is to give women and girls in Northern Ireland a voice at the national and international level. The work of NIWEP aims in particular to make sure the views and priorities of women in Northern Ireland are heard within the review mechanisms of international human rights treaties and international networks. NIWEP represents women's organisations in Northern Ireland in the European Women's Lobby, as part of the UK Joint Committee on Women. NIWEP also represents Northern Ireland at the United Nations, as an NGO with Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1999.

Within Northern Ireland, NIWEP's core objective is to build capacity and share international learning on women's rights and human rights with a view to strengthening women's effective participation in public life and policy making.

Aims and Objectives

NIWEP exists to promote any charitable purpose to benefit women in Northern Ireland, through a number of mechanisms including:

· the provision of a forum for women’s organisations;

· the promotion of mechanisms to ensure that the views and interests of women in Northern Ireland are heard and represented particularly in regard to national, European and international policy;

· affiliation and cooperation with collaborative organisations in England, Scotland and Wales as well as Ireland;

· dissemination and collection of information, particularly that relevant to Europe; carrying out or assisting with research and surveys, and planning of collective action on specified issues