CSW – Information on the Up and Coming 54th Session in 2010

The theme of 54th Session will be Implementation of The Beijing Platform for Action on the Occassion of its 15th Anniversary.

There will be opportunity for NGos irrespective of weather they are attending CSW 54 or not to take part in Global E discussion which will be organised by Division of Advancement of Women – during the course of year 2009.

The Commission of 54th session is elected -the delegates are from Italy, Japan, Armenia,Latin America, Senegal.

2. CSW 53 –  The equal sharing of responsibilites between women and men including care gicing in the context of HIV AIDS AGREED CONCLUSIONS were approved by consencus at around 7.30 pm in conference room 2

Some member states had reservations which had created tensed moments till about 1/2 hour before agreement by consenscus . In the end all meembers removed reservations and did not object to the draft which was approved.

The DOCUMENT will be posted on DAW website shortly as soon as the final wording is approved.